3 Years Old

UTD with shots / Neutered 

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Clyde came to BRBTC as an urgent rescue from a shelter last fall. As a 3 year old stray, Clyde had never learned to follow rules and exercise some self control. Luckily, since he came into our rescue he's been in a terrific foster home. Clyde's learned a lot of really good skills, like walking nicely on leash, and he's accomplished an impressive set of basic training commands including "sit", "down", "come", etc. He especially enjoys being around people and loves sharing as much quality time with them as possible.

Clyde is a very high energy bully boy. He would love to be the center of attention with someone who really enjoys an active and athletic life with their bully. The ability to devote a lot of one-on-one attention and time to Clyde is what he really yearns for. A younger family who likes a fun, frisky and physically active companion would be great for Clyde. He needs to continue his training and focus all of this energy into constructive and fulfilling behavior. Since he has a rambunctious nature Clyde can be "too much" for most other dogs. However, with training and slow, supervised introduction, he may be able to live happily with an accepting female dog.

Clyde is challenging, high spirited, playful and clever. This adorable and impish little guy would love to move on to a future in a loving and fun-loving forever home !

BRBTC receives many inquiries about our adoptable bull terriers and can reply only to those who are seriously interested. For consideration as an adopter, we require that you first submit your completed Adoption Application form and review our Adoption Policy, found on our web site at Thank you!